Residential landlords insurance is designed to ensure your investment property and rental income is adequately protected, and that you’re covered from tenant-related risks. Find out how landlords insurance can help to minimise any significant financial impact, should an unforeseen event occur.

Includes residential homes, garages, in ground swimming pools & spas, pergolas, landscaping, retaining walls, gates, fences, external awnings shutters and more
Includes carpets, curtains, blinds, furniture, furnishings, household goods, pools, saunas, spas and removable domestic appliances installed for the tenants use
Rent default
If tenants leave without notice, are legally evicted or stop paying rent, this helps with covering loan repayments and other costs for maintaining the property
Don’t get caught short when it matters
Building calculator

Use this calculator to help you estimate the replacement value for your building

Avoid underinsurance
Being underinsured is a common mistake that can have significant ramifications
Frequently asked questions

Find out answers to the common questions about landlords insurance