In the event of a claim, Ensurance Now will act on your behalf to manage the claim and negotiate with insurers to achieve the best possible outcome. This provides peace of mind and alleviates the often stressful and difficult claims negotiation process that you may otherwise be exposed to, should a policy be sourced directly.


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Extreme weather events and natural disasters

Australia is prone to extreme weather and natural disasters. Planning and preparing for future emergencies is important to minmise property damage and help to protect you and your family against any significant financial impact.
Life threatening emergencies

Call 000

Natural disasters

Call 132 500 (State Emergency Service) for emergency help in a flood, storm, tsunami and earthquake. You can refer to the State Emergency Service’s website for tips and important information about an upcoming threat or emergency.

Insurers after-hours emergency contacts

QBE: 133 723
IAL: 1300 559 019
Ensurance Underwriting: 1800 761 100
(Australian Network Adjusters on behalf of Ensurance Now)

Makesafe assistance

Johns Lyng 24/7 Emergency Response: 1300 218992
Johns Lyng Group is one of Australia’s leading emergency building companies who partner with numerous insurers and brokers to provide their clients with emergency assistance in times of need. As a Steadfast Group insurance broker, our clients can access Johns Lyng Makesafe Builders 24/7 national call centre for fast response to every makesafe. Services include glass replacement, water extraction and drying, emergency plumbing, emergency electrical, temporary fencing, protective tarping, tree removal and more. For more detail, go to:

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  • Broker company: SHC Insurance Brokers (Steadfast Group)
  • Broker name: Ensurance Now
  • Contact number: 1300 730 073
  • Your name:
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  • Address:
  • Insurance company: Please refer to your policy schedule for details
  • Cause and description of damage: